Bacteria and Prokaryotes Crossword Puzzle
Posted by Science Stuff / on 2/12/11

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    This is a crossword puzzle that covers the topic of
    bacteria. This could be used as a review for a test, as a
    homework assignment, as a classwork assignment or as a

    There are 48 vocabulary words included in this crossword.
    The words are: prokaryotic, Archaea, Bacteria, Eubacteria,
    archaebacteria, peptidoglycan, cocci, bacilli, spirilla,
    flagella, pathogenic, chromosome, ribosomes, capsule, pili,
    cell membrane, heterotroph, saprophyte, parasite,
    autotroph, photoautotroph, chemoautotroph, binary fission,
    conjugation, endospores, decomposers, endotoxins,
    exotoxins, pathology, transformation, obligate anaerobes,
    obligate aerobes, facultative, plasmid, cyanobacteria, Gram
    stain, thermophiles, halophiles, methanogens, parasitism,
    commensalism, mutualism, symbiosis, viruses, antibiotics,
    vaccine, proteins, and nitrogen fixation.

    I use a crossword puzzle in every chapter I teach for test
    review, to reinforce key terms, and for spelling practice.