Valentines: Language Arts Following Directions
Posted by Dr. Erica Warren from Good Sensory Learning on 2/17/11

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    Dr. Erica Warren, an expert in multi-sensory learning, has
    created yet another fabulously fun product. Subtleties in
    language can be a difficult thing to master. In addition,
    many students struggle with the wording in directions and
    multiple-choice questions. This book was created for
    students that need to learn how to follow directions,
    interpret questions and understand the subtleties of
    linguistic cues.

    Working as a learning specialist for many years, I have
    discovered that making the learning process fun and
    entertaining is key. Consequently, these materials were
    created for my students and others like them that enjoy
    learning through games. By using these resources, students
    will strengthen the following areas of cognition: -
    Language Skills - Sequential Processing - Spatial Abilities
    - Memory - Attention - Executive Functioning - Attention to
    Detail - Visual Processing