Advanced Placement (AP) Biology Review Powerpoint: Water Pro
Posted by Science Stuff / on 2/26/11

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    Advanced Placement (AP) Biology Review PowerPoint

    Topic: Water and Its Properties

    This is not a teaching powerpoint. This powerpoint is
    suitable for Advanced Placement Biology classes that need a
    quick review over a particular topic. Several months before
    the AP Biology exam, I begin to run through these short
    powerpoints to start my students on the road to reviewing
    for the exam in May.

    This particular powerpoint contains 19 slides with 22
    questions. It covers the following topics: 1. The
    properties of water that contribute to Earth’s ability to
    sustain such abundant life 2. Covalent bonding, polar
    covalent bonds, nonpolar covalent bonds, electronegativity
    3. Water and hydrogen bonding, definition of hydrogen bond,
    importance of hydrogen bonding 4. Cohesion, adhesion,
    capillary action, surface tension, transpiration pull 5.
    The high specific heat of water and its ability to moderate
    temperatures on Earth, evaporative cooling 6. The ability
    of water to make an excellent solvent 7. Ionization of
    water, pH, buffers