Translations, Reflections, Rotations and Graphing Activities
Posted by Krystal Mills on 3/01/11

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    Drawing translations, reflections, and rotations, graphing
    ordered pairs on a coordinate plane, labeling the x and y
    axes, identifying ordered pairs, graphing designs etc. is
    what students will do in this 40+ page Word document.

    Make teaching Transformations and the Cartesian plane fun
    with these activities that can be used as math centers,
    lessons, assessments, or games.

    Translations, reflections and rotations math centers (3)
    where students will create unique and colorful designs
    (student samples included)
    Graphing ordered pairs to create mystery designs on a
    coordinate plane (3 part activity)
    Identifying ordered pairs Memory card game (with a
    holiday twist for Easter or St. Patricks Day) followed by
    optional assessment
    Plotting ordered pairs using lines of longitude and
    latitude V a hide and seek type of game
    A Transformations and Cartesian plane test with solutions
    (this could also be broken up into 3 small assignments)

    If you're interested, click on the link to take you to this
    product. The whole package is $6.99.