Middle School/ Junior High Homework Policy
Posted by Krystal Mills on 3/01/11

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    Incomplete homework and missing assignments are frustrating
    for many middle school and junior high teachers. The
    homework policy that I've created is a 20+ page document
    containing everything you'll need to implement this
    organized and effective homework policy in your classroom

    I've outlined the homework policy - step by step. I've
    included a unique parent letter which is essential to the
    policy. A form follows the letter that is to be signed and
    returned. The letter outlines why homework is important and
    identifies the role that students, teachers and parents
    play. Consequences for missing homework, and ways that
    parents can help their child to be successful, are also
    listed. Parents and the power that they have are pivotal to
    the successful of this policy. Itís important to have the
    parent either on board with the policy or removed
    altogether, so that YOU continue to have control over the
    Iíve outlined a simple system to organize the paperwork
    involved in missing homework and late assignments so that
    you won't be drowning in slips of paper.
    Iíve included a homework contract - for when protocol has
    resulted in a parent meeting. I've also included a master
    to keep a record of your students' contact information so
    that it's quickly accessible when you ultimately need it,
    as well as templates for recording information from
    telephone conversations/parent meetings to keep you
    organized and accountable. Homework passes are included as
    well, to reward those students who do their homework
    Donít forget, this is a policy to organize the protocol for
    incomplete homework and missing assignments. When a student
    doesnít have his homework done, what happens in your room?
    If itís continuing to be a problem, it may be because weíve
    taught him that is what weíve come to expect, through our
    inaction, inappropriate reaction and lack of effective
    I have not gone in to reasons behind the incomplete
    homework and missing assignments in this policy. I strongly
    suggest sitting down with the student Ė after the first
    phone call home and trying to figure out if the problem is
    too many activities after school, lack of understanding, an
    issue with ability etc. so that you can deal with the real
    If you've been tearing your hair out, are sick of nagging
    students and chasing them for THEIR work, have a closer
    look. This just may be your "Homework Solution". Click on
    the link above to take you to this product.