Character Traits PowerPoint Game/Activity
Posted by Vintage Teacher / MO on 4/11/11

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    To be successful while playing this game students have to
    read the statement(s) and determine the best character
    trait to describe the situation.

    To add a sense of fun, students play a game of electronic
    tic-tac-toe to determine which side is the "best" in using
    this skill. This also adds a sense of logic and reasoning
    to this activity.

    This is a quick, fun way to review the skill of character
    traits. Great for a whole class activity using a projector
    and just as fun on a single computer being played by two

    The use of this game is also a fantastic way to review in
    preparation for mandated testing. Class discussion can
    also be done to explain why answers would not fit.

    Thanks for looking. Have a great day!
    Vintage Teacher

Character Traits PowerPoint Game/Activity