Reflexive Verb Unit Lesson Plan Packet
Posted by SpanishLessonPlans on 4/11/11

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    23 pages!

    Pages 1-14: Reflexive Guided Notes Packet (answers to fill
    in blanks in packet are on pages 24-25) Takes between 4-5
    days to complete. Usually have students do some of the
    answering of questions as homework.

    Page 15: Student Activity (5-10 minutes) Students arrange
    sentence strips in chronological order based on the time
    stated or logical sequence based on the sentences.

    Page 16: Worksheet

    Comprehension of sentences (logical or not)

    Vocabulary fill in the blank sentences

    Put in order using before or after

    Page 18: Graphic Organizer Handout A similar review of page
    13 in packet of using reflexives as the infinitives versus
    conjugating them and where the pronoun goes.

    Page 19: Worksheet

    Can be used as a quiz or as homework. Simple conjugating
    based on the subject and answering questions using correct

    Page 20: Pronunciation Assessment:

    A cute poem that students can read for the teacher to
    assess the students’ pronunciation. Rubric included.
    Students can do on podcasting or other recordable hardware,
    or just read to teacher.

    Page 21: Quiz

    Assessment with multiple choice and writing the correct

    Page 22: Day in the Life of…. Project

    Project where students work in partners to narrate a
    routine of a famous celebrity using reflexives.

    Pages 23-24: Answers to Guided Notes fill in the blanks