Favorite Friends- 67 Literacy Activities on cd-rom $5
Posted by Lisa / Virginia on 7/13/11

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    FAVORITE STORY BOOK FRIENDS contains 67 literacy
    activities to go along with seven favorite stories:
    Biscuit, The Cat in the Hat, Mrs. Wishy-Washy, If You Give
    a Mouse a Cookie, Danny and the Dinosaur, Chrysanthemum and
    The Gingerbread Man. All activities are in PDF format so
    they can be accessed on either PCs or Macs. CD-ROM has an
    illustrated label and is housed in a jewel case. I am
    happy to send you a link to pictures of the activities-just
    email me. :o)

    1. Noun/Verb Sort: Sort the noun & verb cards to the
    correct spot on the mat.

    2 -og Word Family Pull Through: Slide the letter strip
    through to create
    words from the - og family. Pick five of the words and
    write a sentence for
    each one.

    3. Homophone Bones: Match each homonym with it's correct

    4. Dog Bone Measuring: Put the bones in order from
    shortest to longest.
    Next, measure each to the nearest centimeter.

    5. Biscuit & Me Venn Diagram: Use Venn diagram to show
    how Biscuit's bed
    time routine is similar and different from yours.

    6. How Much is That Doggy in the Window?: Count the
    amounts on the coin
    cards and match them to the correct doggy in window.

    7. Story Sequence: Put the events from the story in the
    order they happened.

    8. Letter Bingo: Play a bingo game by marking the
    lowercase letter on the
    card when shown the uppercase letter.

    9. Activity Letter: Explains how to do each activity.


    1. Word Families: Write five words for each of the word
    families on the mat (-ish, -at,
    and -ing)

    2. Pattern Completion: Use the cut out pieces to complete
    the patterns.

    3. Create Your Own Pattern: Use the cut out pieces to make
    your own patterns (try
    doing an ABAB, AABAAB, ABBABB, & ABCABC)
    4. Math Puzzle: Look at the clue card. It shows you what
    number each picture stands
    for. Use the card with the Math Puzzle page to help you
    solve the addition problems.

    5. Sight Word Match: Read the sight words on the sight word
    match page. Circle the
    two words in each row that are the same.

    6. Rhyming Cloze: Complete each quote from the Cat in the
    Hat with the correct
    rhyming word from the box.

    7. Writing: Write what you would do if the Cat in the Hat
    came to your house.

    8. Use Your Head: Solve the mixed addition and subtraction
    problems on the Cat's
    hat. (There are two in each rectangle.) After solving each
    problem compare the
    answers using the <,>, or = sign.

    9. Catch that Cat!: Toss the two dice (one numbered from 1-
    6 and the other A-F) to
    form an ordered pair. Then locate that coordinate and
    remove the Cat in the Hat from
    that space (if there is still one there). The first person
    to "catch" ten Cat in the Hats
    wins the round.

    10. All About Dr. Seuss: Read the biography of Dr. Seuss.


    Students graph their family and friends favorite type of

    Students put the cookies with the story words in ABC order
    (Two sets of six
    cookies. Each set is a different design so that they can
    be used separately or
    both sets used together for more of a challenge.)

    Students roll a die and move along the path. The first to
    reach the glass of milk is the winner.

    4. STORY MAP REPRODUCIBLE: Students fill in the circles
    on the story map.

    5. RHYMING WORDS ACTIVITY: Students match together the
    rhyming word cards (8 pairs)

    6. SCIENCE EXPERIMENT: Students form a hypothesis about
    what happens when a cookie is left in a glass of milk and
    use their observation skills to explain the results.

    7. MEMORY GAME CARDS: Students find the two cards with the
    same cookie design.


    9. ACTIVITY LETTER: Explaining how to do each activity

    1. Calendar activity--Use the calendar to answer to answer
    questions about the days and dates.

    2. Mouse Glyph--Follow the directions to make their own
    unique mouse glyph
    about school.

    3. Roll Call--Put the cards with the names of the students
    in Chrysanthemum's
    class in ABC order.

    4. Roll Call Count--Count the letters in each classmate's
    name, record the findings with tally marks and then use the
    information to answer the comparison questions about the

    5. Story Element Flower--Fill in the blanks on the flower
    petals to answer the
    questions about the story elements.

    6. Story Sequence Completion--Answer the question what
    happened at the
    beginning, middle, and end of the story.

    7. Number Comparison--Compare the two numbers (one on each
    Chrysanthemum's ear) using <, >, or = and write the correct
    symbol on her head.

    8. Tell Me About My Name—Interview a parent/guardian to
    learn about you got your name.

    9. Creative Writing- If you could name yourself any other
    name, what would it be and why would you choose it.

    1. Story Discussion Questions: Answer the questions about
    the story
    Danny and the Dinosaur.

    2. Creative writing activity--If you were in the museum
    with Danny, which
    displays would you be sure to visit? Why? Draw a picture
    to go with your answer.

    3. Number Word/ Number Matching--Match the numbers to their
    word (on dinosaur themed cards) (can be done for number 10-
    100 counting by 10's or 1-10.

    4. Dino Safari-- Use the descriptions to find different
    types of dinosaurs
    (using the dinosaur cutouts)

    5. Dino-sort--Use the blank Venn diagram and dinosaur
    cutouts. Write
    attributes in each circle of the Venn diagram using a wipe
    off marker. Sort the dinosaurs onto the Venn diagram using
    the attributes you selected.

    6. Brontosaurus Blends—Circle the consonant blend you hear
    at the
    beginning of the name of each picture shown on the

    7. Prehistoric Time--Fill in the time shown on each clock
    (hour and half hour)

    8. Dino-Days--Fill in the boxes with the days of the week
    in the correct
    order. Then, follow the directions given using the little
    colored dinosaurs.

    9. ABC Order--Put the cards with the dinosaur names in
    alphabetical order.

    10. Dino Addition--Match the dinosaur egg with the addition
    problem to the correct dinosaur sum on the mat.

    11. Dinosaur BINGO--Play a dinosaur bingo game

    12. Dinosaur Vowels--Fill in the missing vowel to complete
    each word so that it makes sense in the sentence.

    1. OBJECT / NUMBER MATCH: Count the painted on buttons on
    gingerbread man and match them to the number gingerbread
    man math mat.

    2. MATH MATS (1-10): Put the math mats in number order from
    1-10. Put the
    correct number of gingerbread man cutouts on each card.

    3. GINGERBREAD GLYPH: Follow the glyph directions to
    complete your own
    unique gingerbread man

    4. BUTTON GRAPH: Sort and graph the buttons

    5. BUTTON SORT AND COMPARE: Sort out the colored buttons
    and answer
    the questions about how many, are there more or less, etc.,
    on the
    comparison sheet

    men on this reproducible sheet to create color patterns

    7. GINGERBREAD WRITING: Complete this gingerbread man
    creative writing activity

    8. LOOKING FOR THAT GINGERBREAD MAN: Use the map of the
    States to answer the questions about the locations of the

    9. GINGERBREAD PLAY-DOH RECIPE: Have fun playing with the
    scented homemade gingerbread play-doh they can make at home
    using the
    reproducible recipe cards! Great for practicing measuring
    skills and following

    10. DECORATE A GINGERBREAD MAN: Have fun decorating their
    Gingerbread Man in this fun art activity.

    11. COMPOUND WORDS: Put together the two piece puzzles to
    form a
    compound word.

    12. PARTS OF A FRIENDLY LETTER: Label the parts of the
    friendly letter
    that the Gingerbread Man wrote to the principal of your
    school. You can then
    write a friendly letter back to the Gingerbread Man.

    13. ACTIVITY LETTER: Explains how to do each activity

    1. ACTIVITY LETTER: Explains how to do each activity.

    2. FARM ANIMAL GRAPH: Graph the farm animals (includes
    farm animal picture cards for graphing)

    3. WASH TUB MATH MAT: Create and record addition
    sentences using the farm animals or other farm theme
    manipulatives and the wash tub math mat.

    4. ADDITION CARDS: Use the addition cards with the math
    mat or solve the problems separately,

    5. BEGINNING CONSONANT SOUND GAME: Draw a card. If the
    picture on the car begins with a /c/ sound move to the next
    cow picture. If it begins with a /d/ sound, move to the
    next duck picture. If it begins with a /p/ sound, move to
    the next pig picture. The first to reach the barn wins.

    6. CLEAN or DIRTY SORT ACTIVITY: Sort the pictures on to
    the mat according to whether they are clean or dirty

    9. RHYMING PIGS: Match each word pig to the bubble with
    it’s rhyming word (uses words from Mrs. Wishy-Washy’s Farm)

    7. STORY SEQUENCING: Put the six sequencing strips in the
    order they
    happened in the story Mrs. Wishy-Washy’s Farm

    8. CITY OR COUNTRY: Decide if the picture cut outs are
    things you would see in the city or in the country. Place
    them on the correct side of the sort mat.

    the city or the farm better? Why?