Universal Spelling Worksheets for Classroom Use
Posted by Old School Works on 2/26/13

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    Here is a 42 page product that contains a variety of
    spelling worksheets for student use. Worksheets have
    clearly written directions, student response sections are
    in graphic organizer format. No distracting or juvenile
    clip art is on worksheets, making them appropriate for
    older students. Use as a modification to your current
    spelling program. Use for homework, sub work, homebound
    instruction students, suspension students or as RTI
    Contents include:
    Parent Notification Letter
    Copy and Learn Activity
    Alphabetical Order Activity (2 versions)
    Sentence Writing Activity(2 versions)
    Dictionary Activity
    Spelling and Reading Activity
    Illustrator Activity
    Letter Sort Activity
    Judging the Spelling Words Activity
    Antonym Activity
    Synonym Activity
    Grammar Sort Activity
    Clue Word Activity
    Spelling Study Sheet
    Flashcard Templates with Ideas for use
    Download Preview for more detailed ideas for classroom use.

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