Read and Respond Worksheets and Graphic Organizers
Posted by Mary Hamilton Old School Works TPT on 5/10/13

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    This product contains literature response worksheets and
    graphic organizers. It is designed primarily for students
    to complete independently. Included are a variety of lit
    skills: reader/text connections, predictions and
    summarization. CCS are addressed in a variety of ways.
    Worksheets contain clear directions and are lined for ease
    of student use. Focus is on content, so no graphics are
    included. This will improve your ability to utilize with
    older struggling students. All worksheets are
    accountable; students must refer back to the reading to
    complete the answers. Uses include the following:
    Homework Literature Circle Discussions, Individual and
    Group Book Response, Tutors/Homebound students, Sub
    work,Utilize after read aloud for students to complete