Privacy Screen for "Time Out!"
Posted by Peggy Bentley - Memphis, TN on 2/11/14

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    When a 5 yr. old kindergartener was left in a closet in her
    classroom in Memphis, TN, I got really, really angry. No, I
    must admit I got more than mad!

    As the inventor of Private Spacers Privacy Screens, I knew I
    could come up with something that a teacher could use in the
    classroom when a student needs to be isolated.

    I created a shorter version of the Privacy Screen for
    classroom use. This is so versatile, you can create little
    activity areas, divide the classroom into sections. . . hey,
    you're the teacher, and you've got your own ideas how to use
    this screen.

    Contact me for more info. . . just go to the website or call me!