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    Posted on 2/12/15
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    I create websites for Classroom Teachers.
    Make your Classroom Website stand out with a beautiful
    display and keep students’ and parents’ engaged by
    letting me help you create your classroom website. Your
    classroom website can be a one page Teacher Bio or a
    multi-page website filled with compelling content
    organized in an intuitive, creative way for today’s
    metacognitive learners. A new “Creative” classroom
    website will let parents’ and students’ more easily view
    your site on any device like a cell phone, iPad/tablet,
    computer and a big screen TV. Your classroom website can
    include nightly homework assignments, long term calendars
    for parents and educational links to help parents re-
    mediate students’ at home. You can also give parents
    access to important handouts you distribute in class —
    especially when these don’t make it home with students.
    Setting up a classroom website can be an intimidating
    experience for someone not experienced with the internet
    and some of the newer tools. However, if you’re a
    beginner who’s ready to try this please send me an email.

    Here are just a few more reasons to set up your classroom

    Relevance: Students will come to see the Internet as a
    personally relevant extension of school.

    Connection: Students come to see their teachers as
    connected. Let's face it: In American culture today, if
    you're not online, you're not relevant. Just ask any
    business or entertainment effort.

    Access: Through the inclusion of an email address, a
    contact form, or another communication tool, students and
    their families gain extended access to their teachers.

    Experience: Students will gain experience using digital
    resources in direct support of learning.

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