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    Posted on 11/11/15
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    This resource includes everything you will need to
    seamlessly implement a state report project in your
    classroom. The template will work with any state that a
    student is researching. In addition to the template
    pages, you will receive EDITABLE instruction pages and
    rubrics for the written report as well as an oral
    presentation to customize as you see fit.

    STATE REPORT (PDF): This includes helpful teacher notes
    to get you started plus four pages of detailed
    instructions to send home for students and parents to

    The report template includes:
    Report Cover Page
    Table of Contents
    State Snapshot
    Lined Stationery with headers for 8 narrative
    sections (Early History, Historical Figures, The People
    Today, Government, About the Land, Economy, Tourism,
    Other Interesting Facts)
    Graphic Organizers (Timeline, State Map, State
    Symbols 2 pages, Population Graph)
    Bibliography page

    EDITABLE REPORT PAGES (PPT): Select pages from the State
    Report file are also included in an editable PowerPoint
    file. This will allow you to customize certain pages if

    The pages included in the editable file are as follows:
    Four pages of instructions
    Rubrics (2 pages for written report and 1 page
    for oral presentation)
    Report Table of Contents

    page file is a great year-long resource. It includes
    detailed information for each state. Each poster shows
    the state flag, state shape, pertinent historical and
    population data, state factoids, state quarter and state

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