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    Posted on 10/19/16
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    In this packet, you will receive a checklist of more than
    175 special education and autism accommodations,
    modifications and adaptations to use in any classroom.
    The special education categories include: Textbooks and
    Materials, Setting/Environment, Presentation of Content,
    Tests and Grades, and Student Response. In addition, you
    will receive nine types of special education adaptations
    with real life classroom examples.

    The special education checklists are broken down into
    broad (and overlapping) categories. This is done
    intentionally. Many special education problem solving
    teams want a checklist for specific diagnoses or targeted
    special education disabilities. However, I strongly
    caution against using these targeted special education
    checklists. All students are unique, regardless of their
    identified learning special education needs. One size
    does not fit all. It is recommended to base all special
    education decisions on objective data, sound
    interventions and progress monitoring. An individualized
    special education problem-solving process is critical in
    successfully meeting the needs of all students.

    “The true definition of fairness is: Fairness means that
    everyone gets what he needs.” - Richard Lavoie

    Fair is not always equal!

    Accommodations Checklist

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