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    Posted on 1/03/17
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    This bundle contains 5 complete U.S. region units.

    5 U.S. Regions included:


    Each region includes:

    • An introductory PowerPoint Presentation – Introduce each
    of the 5 U.S. regions to your students using this colorful
    yet cleanly designed PowerPoint. Great way to preview for
    your students what they will be learning.

    • Student guided notes to accompany the PowerPoint – Keep
    your students engaged while you cover the PowerPoint with
    two pages of guided notes for each region.

    • State posters - All 50 state capitals and much more
    information can be found on each poster. Please see the
    preview for a closer look. Each poster is formatted to print
    on 8.5 x 11 sized paper. The poster borders are color coded
    for each region.

    • Non-fiction informational text packet – Presented in a
    professional looking format similar to informational text
    presented in a textbook. Students read about each region’s
    history, climate, land, economy, natural resources and

    • Worksheets to accompany each reading packet – Students
    demonstrate comprehension by answering questions about what
    they have read. Answer keys are included.

    • Quiz for naming states and their capitals – Quizzes are
    broken down by region. Answer keys are included.

    • Tabbed mini-book - Six page unique tabbed mini-book
    design. This activity requires narrative writing. Students
    respond to prompts describing the states, land, resources,
    climate and landmarks in their own words. They have fun
    assembling it too!

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