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    Posted by: CraigT on 4/06/18
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    In my 25 years education experience teachers and public
    service workers have more unrealistic expectations placed on
    them whilst expected to work with decreasing and underfunded
    But so many make no complaint about it.
    Because, as a therapist to many teachers, I've found it is their
    deeply-held belief that they should be able to manage and if
    they can't it's because they're not doing enough or not good
    Very rarely do higher management or the creators of this
    impossible, stress-laden infrastructure attempt to correct them.
    Research has shown me that; if high-school teachers did
    everything required of them to the letter they would be working
    and extra 35 hours per week just to mark books.
    It's impossible. Teachers get stressed, get ill, leave the
    profession and many don't recover.
    Once I show them the reality - the impossibility - of their
    situation, they heave a sigh of relief. "Oh, I'm not inadequate.
    The requirements are ridiculous. It's not my fault after all."
    I recommend a strategy of instant simplification of everything
    you do. Beginning with yourself and understanding you are not a
    robot and the kids are watching you modelling stress, learn to
    breathe better for a start.
    You cannot learn or teach effectively whilst suffering stress
    overload and heading for burnout.
    You can instantly check your own stress levels and burnout
    warning signs in my free report - Stop Teacher Burnout - Here.

    Stop Teacher Burnout

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