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    Posted on 4/08/16
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    I am a full-time Science personal tutor, passionate and
    enthusiastic about my work. I hold an MSc in Neuroscience
    from Kingís College London and a BSc in Biology. I love
    to stimulate childrenís curiosity in the world through
    science and take great pleasure in teaching and
    encouraging critical and creative thinking. I feel that
    personal tutoring is the most efficient way to help
    students achieving the best possible result. My general
    curiosity in Biology has always helped motivate me in my
    studies and I am excited to inspire and transfer my
    enthusiasm for science to my students. Having long
    experience in personal tutoring I am more than
    comfortable to teach Biology at all levels from KS3 to
    adult learner. I am very happy to tutor all fields
    related to Biology-Neuroscience, Molecular Biology, and
    Genetics - at a degree level.
    I have worked as Neuroscience supervisor at Kingís
    College London and I have an over a three year tutoring
    experience up to A level standard.
    I have been teaching science at GCSE, iGCSE, A level and
    university level for 3 years and have worked with a
    variety of pupils with various abilities, learning
    styles, strengths and weaknesses.
    My method of teaching greatly helps a student understand
    their subject and gives them the confidence needed to
    excel and succeed in their studies. The tuition sessions
    will be catered to the needs of the pupil, focusing on
    any weakness. I ensure that tuition sessions are as
    individual, fun and interesting as possible.
    I also have extensive experience with university students
    of all academic levels and abilities as well as have a
    good working knowledge and experience of university
    marking and assessment systems.
    I have taught many individuals intensively for their GCSE
    and A-levels in the run up to exams.
    Kingís College London Masterís Degree in Neuroscience.2:1
    Bachelorís Degree in Biology. Achieved four A*s at A
    level in Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Statistics.
    Availability: As a full-Time tutor I am available the
    whole day and have a flexible schedule.
    Willing To travel: within 10 miles

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