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    James, Long beach, CA 90805

    Posted on 4/08/16
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    15 Yrs Tutoring Exp, MSEE, UC Berkeley : Math, Physics, Chem
    , EE, SAT (Long beach, CA $30/hr)

    My location is Long Beach, CA 90805, and I Tutor 7 days a w
    eek and 12 months a year at locations of mutual convenience
    in Long Beach and nearby areas such as Lakewood, Los Alamito
    s, Downey, Bellflower : Private Tutoring by James in Math, P
    hysics, Chem, EE, ACT, SAT, TEAS, GRE, AP Calculus, AP Physi
    cs, etc.. I have many success stories of bringing students u
    p from "D" to "A" , as per this following comment who starte
    d with me in Math as a 9th Grader at "D" but received an "A"
    grade that year in Math, and then at the end of her 10th Gr
    ade Math Class (F.,S.,T.), she exclaimed to me "I got 99% in
    my Math Class, my strongest "A" this year ; I can't believe
    it, and I never dreamed it !" . This semester, she earned a
    n "A" in her 1st Semester of 11th Grade Pre-Calculus.

    Private Tutoring available 7 days a week at reasonable rate
    s, 12 months a year. $30 per hour for High School and Colleg
    e, except for College EE courses which are $35 per hr.. High
    School courses include AP Calculus & AP Physics, HS Chem, A
    lg I & II, Geometry, Trig, F.S.T., and Pre-Calculus. Also Tu
    toring for HS Physics, Calculus, Statistics is available, in
    addition to Exams Preps such as SAT, TEAS, GRE, GMAT, ACT,
    etc. @ $30 per hour.

    College courses include : Physics , Newtonian Mechanics, Co
    ntrol Systems, Calculus I & II and also Differential Equatio
    ns at CSULB and also LBCC. For EE Courses at $35 per hour ar
    e the following : Circuit Analysis, LaPlace Transform, Z-Tra
    nsform, Automatic Feedback Control Systems Bode, Nyquist, an
    d Nichols Stability Plot & Margins, Root Locus, etc..

    I prorate sessions lasting longer than the 60 minute minimu
    m; for example, a 90 minute session is 50% more than a 60 mi
    nute session. My picture doesn't appear on Internet as per P
    rivacy Rights, and so none of the pictures on
    are me.

    Locations for Tutoring are of mutual convenience such as li
    brary, coffee shop, etc., or in-your-home that fits into my
    full-time Private Tutoring schedule. Cash or check. At any t
    ime, the Tutee can elect my popular Discount Plan as follows
    : Prepay for 8 hours of my Tutoring with $216 for a Discoun
    t of 10%. Group Tutoring is available for students taking th
    e same course from the same teacher, and Discounts are as fo
    llows vs one-on-one-Tutoring: 33% per student for Group of 2
    students; 50% per student for Group of 3 students or more.
    No refunds.

    I don't tutor students visiting the USA because they always
    ask me to cash a check for more than my tutor fee, and give
    the balance to their nanny, which I cannot do.

    I have 15 recent years of good Private Tutor experience. Pr
    ior to that, I enjoyed a 27 yr EE career in USA aerospace in
    dustry which helps me to effectively Tutor my Tutees to impr
    ove their Grades on Exams through the efficient use of paper
    in a step-by-step logical sequence to obtain correct soluti
    ons based on applications of fundamentals, rather than using
    the modern school system approach of over reliance on Memor
    ization. Therefore, my students tend to get stronger as the
    semester goes on because they retain their knowledge better.
    My favorite and most common compliment from my Tutee is "Te
    acher makes it seem so hard, but you make it seem so easy!"

    I have lived in the Long Beach, CA area for the recent 12 y
    ears; I tutor in Long Beach, and nearby areas such as Lakewo
    od, Los Al, etc.. I make my cell phone number available to t
    he Tutee after our first session so as to facilitate communi
    cation and scheduling via text messaging, and voice.

    Best wishes,

    E-Mail Address For Tutor Appointments : pen_name_0 at yahoo
    15 Recent Years Of Excellent Private Tutoring Experience ,
    Prior Excellent 27 Year EE Career in U.S. aerospace industr
    BSEE With Honors & MSEE from UC Berkeley, College of Engine
    Lifetime Member of Tau Beat Pi, the National Engineering Ho
    nor Society

    For further information on my Tutoring qualifications, plea
    se read my "Autobiography, James Nassir, EE, Educator, Disco
    verer of the 5th Force", June 2012 which is available upon r
    equest to me (100 pages on 8.5" X 11" X 1" ).

    April 8, 2016

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