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    Posted on 4/15/16
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    If you have been thinking of learning Hindi language,
    look no further!

    I have been offering Hindi lessons for past two years.I
    can teach students who belong to three
    categories:Beginner's/Level-1,Intermediate/Level-2 and

    I provide my own teaching materials, which include text
    book, handouts and audio & video clips. You can master
    the Hindi script (single level) within approximately 3
    months! Hindi is a phonetic language so it is pronounced
    the way it is written.

    References can be provided upon request. Flexible
    scheduling available (weekdays and weekends). The lessons
    are taught online only via. skype. A short trial lesson
    can also be conducted.

    Price;$10- $15/h.Prices are reduced if you want to take
    more than two classes per week.If Interested book your
    slot today as i plan to take 3/4 kids only.

    Please, e-mail me and leave your contact details. I shall
    get in touch with you soon.

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