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    Eibhilin Macphail, Aberdeen, Scotland

    Posted on 4/20/16
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    My name is Eibhilin Macphail, and I am a qualified
    teacher. I live in Aberdeen, and have taught in Inverness
    and Aberdeen. I completed the P.G.D.E. in 2013, and have
    been tutoring for five years, and working with children
    for thirteen years. I believe that learning should be a
    fun and exciting experience, and I use a wide range of
    games and activities, including Snap and Battleships. I
    currently tutor two P2 pupils, and one P4 pupil.

    I have taught classes with a wide range of abilities,
    interests and additional needs, and use a wide variety of
    approaches in my tutoring. I believe that the key to
    effective tutoring is finding the learning style or
    styles which the pupil finds most helpful.

    I consult with my pupils as to the games or activities
    that they found most effective, and take this into
    account when planning. I find tutoring enjoyable and
    rewarding, and am looking forward to working with you!

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