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    Izahbellah/San Bernardino

    Posted on 4/24/16
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    Hi all, I am a pre-medicine student at CSUSB
    and I currently have time available for math
    and science tutoring. I can help with high
    school math ranging from pre-algebra to algebra
    2. Also intermediate and college algebra at the
    college level. Among my math skills I can also
    help with biology, physiology/anatomy, physics,
    and chemistry at the high school or college
    levels. Feel free to contact me with any
    questions or information you may need. I look
    forward to working with you or your student.

    Recently, I started a blog I have many
    different posts available feel free to check it
    out at or by
    typing Izahbellah's Tutoring into a search
    engine. I also offer online tutoring sessions,
    you can find information regarding it on my
    blog or you can email me for info.

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