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    Posted on 4/25/16
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    Are you looking to practice or improve your Mathematics,
    Physics, and Electrical Engineering Subjects?
    I am a young,enthusiastic, dedicated and hardworking
    person. I am very positive person and like to impact
    knowledge and sow a seed of encouragement into every
    student I engage with. I have double Masters degrees in
    Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the Tshwane
    University of Technology, South Africa and ESIEE, Paris,

    Over five (5) years experience Teaching, Lecturing and
    Tutoring. Since I started my career in teaching, I have
    managed to help students achieve higher grades. My
    technique is proven and all of my students achieved
    remarkable grades which sets them apart from their
    counterparts. I am able to achieve this with my students
    simply because I am very good and talented at what I do.
    To crown it all, my level of dedication with my students,
    makes me stand out as a teacher. I have experience with
    tutee's from all age range.

    APPROACH: I plan each lesson before hand and endeavour to
    follow the UK teaching scheme with a tweak of my own to
    aid understanding. I make sure each lesson is very
    useful, objective and unique. I also try to find the
    learner's best field of interest (e.g. sports, music, or
    TV event) and try to describe my examples around his/her
    interest to increase learner's focus and improve
    understanding. In addition, I use my personal experience
    on topics that are very difficult to explain and till
    date I have been able to help many of my past students
    improve there grades, interest, and understanding in the
    subject area.

    For long term tutees, I create exam questions each month
    end to test the students level and improvement (questions
    are focused on topics learnt and related exam they intend
    to sit) . Long term tutees are also provided a profile
    link (username and password) on my website were they and
    parents can view weekly progress and as well get weekly
    feedback from me. Regular test yourself questions are set
    by me and you can be assured I will keep the tutee
    focused on getting better.

    EXPECTED GOALS: My main goal is to improve the learner's
    grades, confidence, classroom involvement, and as well
    interest in the subject area. This approach dramatically
    increases the learner's educational focus and grades.

    Unlike others, my lessons are well planned, unique, with
    a professional feel. In addition, my experience in
    teaching mathematics, physics and Electical/Electronic
    Engineering related subjects makes me one of the best.

    I am very happy to meet in a café to discuss your
    particular needs and targets before we begin the lessons

    One-to-one class: £30 per hour
    Group classes: £25 per student per hour

    Contact Details
    Name: Bayo
    Telephone number: 07466959657
    Whatsapp Number:+27825561501

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