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    Posted by: Dr. Claudine L. Boros on 5/18/16
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    I am an online English Editor and Proofreader who has worked
    with thousands of students on their essays, research papers,
    graduate theses and dissertations. I have always received
    excellent evaluations and testimonials from my students for
    the quality and professionalism of my Editing and
    Proofreading. I charge $80 per hour, which means about five
    pages. I will review your paper for grammar, punctuation,
    spelling, and for the Style that is Required by your
    professor, i.e. MLA or APA. I have taught all of the ESL
    levels at Columbia University, where I teach Writing for a
    Columbia University Teacher's College sponsored program.
    Let me Edit and Proofread your paper, and help you to make
    it a great success.

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