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    Posted by: ClassDo on 5/25/16
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    Hi there,

    Ifm reaching out to you because I noticed that you are teaching
    Online editing and proofreading online.

    We talked to a lot of skype teachers and built an online
    classroom designed for teaching and learning. Unlike Skype you
    can share study materials, notes, webpages and youtube videos
    without leaving the classroom. There are also lesson review

    There are no commissions for teachers. Students who commit to
    more than $100 of lessons with you (for a 6 month period) are
    also not charged commissions.

    So far teachers from 100 countries have adopted ClassDo. The Wall
    Street Journal has done a video about how teachers are using it.
    We also have a video on how the Classroom works.

    Please take a look: < >


    Takaaki Ota


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