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    Pamela Fang

    Posted on 5/30/16
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    I have been giving private tuition for 6 years and
    counting. I am niche in teaching Primary and Secondary
    School Maths and Science, E Maths, A maths, Pure Physics
    and Chemistry. I constantly sharpen my knowledge and
    teaching skills to effectively help students to achieve
    their desired grades in their studies.

    My most recent student has came in 1st position in Gan Eng
    Seng Primary School, scoring an aggregate of 272/300 for
    her PSLE in 2015.

    After teaching for several years, I discovered better
    strategy and methods to solve Maths questions and helpful
    ways to memorise long facts for Science. Scoring is made
    easy as long as proper guidance is given and learning is
    made intriguing to them.


    1.University of Western Australia
    Bachelor in Arts (Communication Studies)

    2.Nanyang Polytechnic
    Diploma in Molecular Biotechonlogy

    3.Saint Theresa's Convent

    If you are interested for private tuition or small group
    tuition, please call or whatsapp me @ 9320 8618 or
    whatsapp me @ 96698369.

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