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    Posted by: Ms. Kennedy on 7/08/16
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    Be tutored by a Certified English Teacher Serving the North
    and Central Jersey Areas
    Flexible Scheduling for Client Convenience 7 Days A Week,
    Online Tutoring Available

    Many of my students initially struggle with writing,
    researching, and study skills; this difficulty can be
    frustrating for young learners who have not yet developed
    literacy tools. I am a Reading and Writing teacher in an
    urban community with a Masters Degree in English Education
    who works with students from middle school through college
    including English Language Learners and special needs
    students. These young people experience a range of issues
    and come from diverse backgrounds. In my experience, I have
    found anyone can write with support, guidance and effort.

    Whether your concern is standardized testing, essay writing,
    generating ideas, thesis development, deciphering the
    meaning of a text or demonstrating the fundamentals of
    writing, I can help you achieve your goals. During our first
    session I can help identify academic strengths/weaknesses
    and develop a plan to improve those skills. Together, we can
    design a writing process that is customized for your unique
    learning style, decode the structure of specific essay forms
    like narrative, argumentative, expository, analytical etc.
    and synthesize grammar and style rules.

    Contact me if you're interested in improving any of the
    following skills: Essay writing, close reading, text
    explication, grammar, research writing. Sessions focused on
    college admissions, MLA/APA format or improving scores on
    standardized assessments like PARCC, ACT, SAT, GRE etc. are
    also available.

    Summer Sale: $50 per hour / Buy 4 sessions, get 1 free.
    Fall Rates: $70 per hour / Buy 6 sessions, get 1 free.
    *All students starting before September 2016 will continue
    at discounted "Summer Sale" rate.

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