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    Sina Sharifi

    Posted on 7/12/16
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    I am currently Post-Doc at Harvard-MIT Devision of Health, Science and
    Technology, and Harvard Medical School, and I have a PhD in Chemistry.
    I am adjunct faculty at the University of Connecticut. I am teaching
    General and Organic Chemistry for undergraduates and advanced organic
    chemistry courses for graduate students. I have been teaching and
    tutoring General Chemistry (I,II), Organic Chemistry (I,II) Biochemistry for
    almost 10 years.
    If you need any help in:
    High school Chemistry
    General chemistry I,II
    Organic Chemistry I, II
    Organic Chemistry Lab
    Advanced Organic Chemistry
    NMR, IR, Mass Spectroscopy for Undergrads and Grads

    Also I will support you on:
    Homework and Lab Reports
    Test Taking Tips
    Improving Study Skills
    Boosting Grades and Confidence
    Time and Cost Are Negotiable

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