Posted by: Karen Marie Van Wyk on 7/30/16
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    My love of teaching came from my studies of learning how we
    learn language! I received my Masters degree in Applied
    Linguistics from the University of Massachusetts Boston.
    This has equipped me to be effective in helping you achieve
    your goals in the English language, be it speaking, reading,
    writing or simply in study skills, resume writing or test prep.

    I specialize in helping you gain knowledge and confidence in
    speaking, writing and reading English. Do you struggle with
    grammar? I can help you get to the level you want.
    Are you struggling with a writing assignment, research
    assignment, or a resume? I can work with you bring it to its
    possible best form.

    My aim for each lesson is for you to leave more comfortable
    and confident with the language than when you arrived and
    for you to see the quality of your language use improve.

    My schedule for tutoring is 9 am -5 pm Monday through
    Friday. I offer online tutoring also with a more extensive
    and flexible schedule.
    My base rate for face to face tutoring is 40$ an hour and
    for online it is 30$. I offer discounted rates for extended
    lessons and times. I provide a free consultation session
    where we map out and decide the goals you would like to
    achieve. I also require to be notified if you must cancel at
    least 2 hours in advance.

    I look forward to working with you and helping you achieve
    your goals in English!

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