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    Posted on 8/15/16
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    I have over Thirty-Five years experience in Teaching and
    Tutoring HSC Adv/Std English and Modern and Ancient
    History. I provide educational leadership by developing
    quality curriculum and awarding secondary school
    credentials, the Higher School Certificate. In the Area
    of Study, I teach students to explore and examine
    relationships between language and text, and
    interrelationships among texts. I teach students to
    examine closely the individual qualities of texts while
    considering the Sourcesí relationships to the wider
    context of the HSC Adv/Std English Area of Study. I teach
    students to synthesise ideas to clarify meaning and
    develop new meanings from an examination of the text. I
    teach students in their responses and compositions
    students examine, and answer the questions put forward
    and reflect on. Over the last Thirty-five years I have
    been teaching in Selective Colleges and Tutoring private
    students. From a results perspective my students have
    achieved better than expected results through my teaching
    and tutoring of HSC Adv/Std English. I have the
    experience and the maturity to give you the results that
    no one else can. If you are looking for the best possible
    results for your 2016 HSC Adv/Std English.

    Call Johnathan on 0421-475809

    HSC Specialist with 35 years Experience offering mobile
    tutoring service;

    English, Ancient and Modern History..

    I will provide Comprehensive Notes for each topic; I am
    able to enhance your writing ability for your essays.

    Will provide Band 6 model responses and essays

    Past HSC Students have received exceptional results with
    Atarís above 90.

    l will also provide unlimited drafts, editing service and
    phone advice.

    I will travel to you in your home for One on One Tutoring

    Call 0421-475809

    Or Email


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