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    Posted on 8/23/16
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    We are Providing Business Analyst and QA Software Testing
    coaching. We help candidates to set the targets and then we
    support them as they work towards achieving their goals.
    100% Job Oriented Program, course contents are aligned to
    the industry requirements and as per Canadian Job Market.

    CONTACT – 647-270-2850
    E MAIL –
    • Introduction to Projects
    • Relationship between Operations and Projects
    • Who is a Project Manager?
    • What is Business Analysis?
    • Who is a BA? BA Roles and Responsibilities
    • Competencies of a Business Analyst
    • Relationship between a BA and PM
    • Business Analysis Body of Knowledge
    • Career Path for a Business Analyst
    • Differentiating Business Analysis and other
    “Analyst” roles
    • Customer Needs & IT Needs
    • The Skill Set Of A BA
    • The BA’s Core Knowledge Set
    • What the BA does not do!
    • Organization Structure and Reporting Relationships
    Tailoring the business analyst role for different projects
    • What is SDLC?
    • Various stages of SDLC
    • SDLC Methodologies
    • Waterfall Model
    • Iterative and Incremental approach
    Software Development Methodologies
    • What is a SW Development Methodology?
    • Why Software Methodologies?
    • Incremental and Iterative Approach
    • Water Fall Methodology
    • Prototype Methodology
    • Spiral Methodology
    • Agile Methodolog
    • Rational Unified Process (RUP)
    Landscape of Requirements
    • Requirements, Features And Constraints
    • Types Of Requirements – Functional & Non-functional
    • User and System Requirements
    • Requirements Source, Audience And Approval
    Stakeholder Analysis & Management
    • Who are Stakeholders?
    • Stakeholders, Stakeholder categories and Profiles
    • Internal & External Stakeholders
    • Stakeholder Roles & Responsibilities
    • Conducting Stakeholder Analysis & Elicitation Plan
    Requirements Elicitation
    • Requirements Gathering
    • Requirements Gathering Techniques
    • Selecting the appropriate technique
    • Challenges with Elicitation
    • The Elicitation Cycle

    Requirements Analysis
    • Evaluating, Selecting and Prioritizing initiatives
    • Employing Analysis techniques to assess alternatives
    • Building a Model of the Solution – Business Process
    & Data Process Flow
    • Understanding & Developing Story Boards Developing
    output mock-ups or prototypes
    • Obtaining Stakeholder confirmation
    • Constructing context, overview, and detail flow
    • Identifying appropriate detail level Data
    Requirements Development Plan
    • Requirements Development Plan
    • Selecting Requirements development templates
    Organizing the Facts
    • Business Rules
    • User Attributes
    • Flowcharts

    Use Case & Unified Modeling Language
    • What is Use case?
    • Basic Flow, Alternate Flows & Exception Flows
    • How Use Case Diagrams Show Relationships
    • Paths and Scenarios
    • Use Case Diagrams
    • Class Diagrams
    • Sequence Diagrams
    • Activity Diagrams
    • Introduction to Rational Suite & MS Vision
    Requirements Management
    • Change Management
    • An examination of why people resist change
    • How Requirements become Un-Managed
    • BA’s role in managing change
    • Requirements Traceability & Change Control
    • How much time should be spent on Requirements
    • Implementing Just enough Requirements
    Requirements Communication
    • Preparing and making the presentation
    • Description of solution
    • Establishing your objective
    • Doing audience analysis
    • Organizing your ideas
    • Using visuals
    • Rehearsing
    Supporting Downstream Development
    • Quality Assurance and Quality Control
    • Business Analyst’s Role in Testing
    • Use Case vs Test Case
    • Responsibilities
    • How can the solution be evaluated?
    • Who should perform an assessment?
    • Requirements Validation Techniques
    • Unit Testing, System Testing, Integration Testing,
    Regression Testing
    Flow Modeling
    • Business Process Flow
    • Data Process Flow
    Getting Ready for the Real World
    • BA Resume Preparation
    • Interview Questions & Preparation
    • Domains Discussion
    Project Work
    • Students Assignments on Live projects

    Contact us at or you can also call
    us at 647-270-2850

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