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    Dr. Joseph Gabriella / Japan & Tampa, Florida

    Posted on 8/25/16
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    When I was in high school, my parents were unable to help
    me with calculus because they had never studied the
    subject. For this reason, I sometimes struggled,
    experiencing feelings of extreme frustration and utter
    despair. Perhaps you have felt helpless as your child
    struggled with math or science. Maybe you are a student
    yourself who continues to struggle with math or science.

    Do not despair. Affordable, reliable assistance is
    available through my just-in-time tutoring system. I know
    it works because I have used it with my nephew and
    nieces. Currently resident in Japan, I will often receive
    a panicked Skype or email message requesting that I solve
    some problems or answer questions. Responding as quickly
    as I can, I can usually treat the symptom, but do not
    cure the problem: ongoing confusion. To help my nephew
    and nieces overcome this confusion, I have often worked
    with them through online exchanges and direct Skype
    conversations for a month or more until all of their
    questions are fully answered and they are able to solve
    most problems themselves.

    For a nominal fee, I will set up four, 30-minute online
    sessions with students to tutor middle-school and high-
    school math, science and English each month. Students
    will participate in sessions with up to four others
    depending on scheduling. While I plan to tutor as
    frequently as possible, I also use tutors I have trained,
    usually career teachers or university instructors.
    Students will have access to discussion forums where they
    can pose questions to other students and to me. To
    maximize learning, I strongly encourage students in the
    same class to register together.

    Uncle Joe is professionally known as Dr. Gabriella. In
    addition to a Ph.D. in education, he holds an MBA, MS,
    and BS. Ivy-league educated Dr. Gabriella has served as a
    lecturer or professor at universities in the U.S., Japan,
    and China. Currently resident in Japan, he is a senior
    manager and active consultant. A former high-school math
    teacher in Florida, Joseph is passionate about teaching
    critical STEM skills to future generations through his
    company, Play-Ed Corporation, incorporated in Florida.
    His services include small-group virtual tutoring and
    learning communities, curriculum design, and educational
    consulting / public speaking. You can view his blog at

    Uncle Joe's Just-in-Time Tutoring

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