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    Jessica-Downers Grove, IL

    Posted on 8/26/16
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    I have worked with high school kids regarding beginning and
    intermediate Spanish. I understand that vocabulary, verb tenses, and
    sentence structure may be difficult especially with learning a new
    language. It is not just memorizing but understanding the concepts of
    literature and the history behind the language. It is knowing how a
    sentence is structured and that it could mean two separate meanings.
    The Spanish language is an extensive language used worldwide and it's
    used every single day in hospitals, restaurants, and businesses. I love to
    see the light that comes on when the student understands the material.
    I have enjoyed working with several students in the past tackling this
    subject, and I look forward to working with more in the near future!

    I understand the struggles of having to receive certain scores to
    graduate, get into a specific dream school, or for personal gain. I
    understand the many hours it takes, timed practices, and many practice
    exams done to achieve scores. Additionally, it is difficult studying and
    preparing for an exam while being a student and most likely having
    extracurricular activities and clubs. With that said, I am here to help. I
    know standardized testing can be intimidating and daunting. I know that
    with daily practice, drilling, time management, and understanding what
    types of test questions will be on the ACT is also more of a game versus
    smarts. The ACT wants to see how well you have learned high school
    material, how efficiently you can problem solve, think logically, and
    apply oneself through time management before entering college or the
    real world. To study the ACT isn't about memorizing, but trying to beat
    the standardized testing system, which is understandably difficult. I am
    here to guide with tips, strategies, a set timers, and to help with

    Bit about me: I am patient, kind, and love to learn from my students. My
    students teach me how to structure lessons and that every student is
    different and special in every way. I like to engage with the students,
    quiz them, and play games to see if they understand the material. Lastly,
    I make sure the student is organized and learns study skills. Meaning,
    we always check the syllabus or lesson plan from the teacher and follow
    it along precisely.

    Certifications: Bachelors from University of Illinois at Urbana
    Champaign- Spanish Major and Chemistry Minor
    *Attended University of Deusto in Bilbao, Spain
    *Worked at Dermatology Institute through DuPage Medical Group:
    spoke Spanish daily with patients
    *Volunteered at hospitals,clinics, and nursing homes in the Champaign
    area to speak Spanish with patients

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