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    Posted by: Grace on 8/31/16
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    On 8/26/16, Jessica-Downers Grove, IL wrote:
    > Hello!
    > I have worked with high school kids regarding beginning
    > intermediate Spanish. I understand that vocabulary, verb
    tenses, and
    > sentence structure may be difficult especially with
    learning a new
    > language. It is not just memorizing but understanding the
    concepts of
    > literature and the history behind the language. It is
    knowing how a
    > sentence is structured and that it could mean two
    separate meanings.
    > The Spanish language is an extensive language used
    worldwide and it's
    > used every single day in hospitals, restaurants, and
    businesses. I love to
    > see the light that comes on when the student understands
    the material.
    > I have enjoyed working with several students in the past
    tackling this
    > subject, and I look forward to working with more in the
    near future!
    > I understand the struggles of having to receive certain
    scores to
    > graduate, get into a specific dream school, or for
    personal gain. I
    > understand the many hours it takes, timed practices, and
    many practice
    > exams done to achieve scores. Additionally, it is
    difficult studying and
    > preparing for an exam while being a student and most
    likely having
    > extracurricular activities and clubs. With that said, I
    am here to help. I
    > know standardized testing can be intimidating and
    daunting. I know that
    > with daily practice, drilling, time management, and
    understanding what
    > types of test questions will be on the ACT is also more
    of a game versus
    > smarts. The ACT wants to see how well you have learned
    high school
    > material, how efficiently you can problem solve, think
    logically, and
    > apply oneself through time management before entering
    college or the
    > real world. To study the ACT isn't about memorizing, but
    trying to beat
    > the standardized testing system, which is understandably
    difficult. I am
    > here to guide with tips, strategies, a set timers, and to
    help with
    > weaknesses.
    > Bit about me: I am patient, kind, and love to learn from
    my students. My
    > students teach me how to structure lessons and that every
    student is
    > different and special in every way. I like to engage with
    the students,
    > quiz them, and play games to see if they understand the
    material. Lastly,
    > I make sure the student is organized and learns study
    skills. Meaning,
    > we always check the syllabus or lesson plan from the
    teacher and follow
    > it along precisely.
    > Certifications: Bachelors from University of Illinois at
    > Champaign- Spanish Major and Chemistry Minor
    > *Attended University of Deusto in Bilbao, Spain
    > *Worked at Dermatology Institute through DuPage Medical
    > spoke Spanish daily with patients
    > *Volunteered at hospitals,clinics, and nursing homes in
    the Champaign
    > area to speak Spanish with patients

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