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    Benjamin Johnson

    Posted on 9/08/16
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    * Yale Graduate
    * Over 30 Years of Experience
    * Specializing in: MATH: 2nd Grade thru Calculus/ SCIENCES: Biolog
    Biology & Chemistry/ SAT
    * Assessing Students with Learning Disabilities such as: Dyslexia
    slexia, ADD, ADHD and Auditory Processing
    * Uses Children's Natal Charts to detect behaviors that contribu
    tribute to student's learning problems in school
    * Utilizes Sound Therapy to unlock student's learning potential

    ****************************** METHOD & PHILOSOPHY **********

    My methodology differs from many other tutoring arrangement
    s. I do an academic assessment for each individual student t
    o determine his/her specific strengths and weaknesses. Then
    I can recommend a course of study to not merely guide or wha
    t we call "hand-hold" a student through a course. My goal is to
    to address academic setbacks and fundamental problems so that
    at eventually the student will be able to work independently an
    and thrive in his/her course of study.

    ************* Personal References Upon Request *************

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