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    Ana/ Leicestershire

    Posted on 9/11/16
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    I am Ana, an English studies and PGCE graduate with 3
    years of experience in private tutoring. I have been an
    adult and teenage teacher in big groups and a private
    tutor of students with a wide range of ages. I am a
    native Spanish speaker and currently a primary school
    Spanish teacher. The subject areas I specialise in are:
    Spanish (all levels) and English (all levels).

    My teaching method is task-based rather than just study-
    based. I like to prepare a number of activities that
    prepare the students for a bigger task where they would
    use everything that they have learnt. Normally, these
    tasks are entertaining, fun and mostly useful. I would
    provide all the materials for the lessons.

    Due to my job, I would only be able to carry out the
    lessons during the weekend. During the weekend I am very
    flexible with my time and can provide a service for 2
    hours a day or more if required. The price of my lessons
    is 20/30 pound per hour depending on the location of the

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