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    Michelle in Greenville, NC

    Posted on 9/13/16
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    Hi there! My name is Michelle, and I have been an
    independently contracted tutor since 2012. I have tutored over
    500 hours with WyzAnt, Inc. and close to 200 more hours
    outside of that company. I provide evening or weekend
    tutoring sessions for students ranging from Preschool
    curriculum to Undergraduate education. While math and
    reading are my primary focus, I have experience in all of my
    qualified subjects. I have assisted with school projects (science
    fair projects/classroom projects), essay writing (including
    research papers and exploratory papers), homework
    assignments, and exam preparation. I also have experience
    with helping to write and edit admissions essays, as well as
    preparing students for the SAT/ ACT exams in the Fall.

    Hourly Tutoring Services by a Certified, Patient, Experienced Tutor

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