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    Ruby Hirsch, Glasgow

    Posted on 9/16/16
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    I am a well experienced tutor offering private tuition in
    Mathematics and Physics from National 4 to Advanced
    Higher level, charging 30/h. I graduated from the
    University of Glasgow in 2015 with a Mathematics Honors
    Degree, having studied modules in Physics, Mathematics
    and Philosophy. I am passionate about teaching young
    people as well as adult learners having worked as a
    teaching assistant at summer schools for many years. I
    worked as a private Maths tutor whilst studying for my
    degree, and as a Maths mentor at a secondary school in
    London before that. I can provide fantastic testimonials
    from my former students, please ask if you are

    As a teacher I am very patient and understanding, having
    worked with students with dyslexia and discalculia. I am
    perfectly happy to explain things as many times as is
    necessary, and always try to work with the student's
    strengths. I understand that everyone has different ways
    of learning. I enjoy trying to share my love of maths
    even with those who feel initially disengaged from the

    Please contact me by email or by phone on 07939829699 if
    you are interested, I look forward to hearing from you!
    Ruby Hirsch

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