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    Intan / petaling jaya

    Posted on 9/18/16
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    I have diploma in education TESL.I am 25 years old and have 4 years of
    teaching experience. My current position is as a right brain teacher from
    age 6 months to 6 years old. I was a teacher in primary school from age 7
    to 12 years old. Previously I was a private tutor for UPSR pupils. I taught
    Science,Math,English and Bahasa. I always
    have the highest expectations of pupils and always have had,because I
    believe by allowing and encouraging them will bring them to their full
    potential. Right now I am a right brain teacher and I would say its not just
    what you teach but how you teach is matter. If you are looking for private
    home tutor,drop an email to me. Thank you.

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