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    Katie Glove/ Coral Gables

    Posted on 9/18/16
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    I am a senior graduating in Nursing at UMiami with a minor in psychology. I
    have worked for many tutoring companies before and I don't agree with their
    style of education, so I have decided to go my own way and tutor one on
    one. Most companies set you up with any student, probably not even
    competent in the subject your child needs, nor do they understand the
    learning strategies of your child. I offer the first session at a 50 % discount to
    understand your childs needs and learning style, then I design a learning
    plan for your student which can be short term goals or long term. I offer
    strategies in time management and organizing. I also can tutor special need
    children as I am qualified from training in pediatric facilities as a nurse and
    child therapist.

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