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    Jessica L Harris

    Posted on 9/28/16
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    I am reading specialist and professional editor.I have a
    personal passion for both reading, writing and proofreading.
    When I am not reading and writing in my free time, I am
    helping students everywhere, achieve their goals in these
    areas. I am extremely fortunate to have a opportunity to
    turn what I love into a career. I have a Bachelor's of Arts
    (B.A.) degree in English with a 9-12 teaching certification
    from Winston- Salem State University and a Master's of
    Education (M.Ed.) degree in English, language and literacy
    with a reading K-12 certification from Salem College. I have
    had many wonderful opportunities to meet and teach students
    in kindergarten, all the way up to the college level. As a
    teacher of students with many different needs, I have
    yearned to have more than one me within the class, in order
    to help each and every student. Unfortunately, this is only
    a dream and not a reality within today's educational
    institutions. Instead, there is one teacher (me) to take
    care for the needs all students. I still dream of a type of
    educational institution where each student can have their
    own personal teacher. This is why I love being a personal
    tutor! Please feel free to contact me to learn more and to
    schedule lessons.

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