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    Posted on 10/06/16
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    Hello, my name is Riley. I am a 30-year-old male tutor
    who specializes in teaching people of all ages and
    backgrounds how to read and to spell through using a
    specialized reading and spelling curriculum, created by
    Susan Barton. The program is called "The Barton Reading
    and Spelling Program." I've been using this program for a
    few years now and have been able to witness the
    satisfaction of many of my students, especially in the
    areas of building self-confidence and perseverance.

    Currently, I am trying to build up more professional
    reading/spelling tutoring opportunities. I have a passion
    for working with foreigners and people with dyslexia.
    Though it is a time commitment, it is well worth the
    journey for both my learners and I. What sparks my
    passion is being able to witness that spark of "Yes! I
    get it now! I can do this! This is a cinch!" Knowing that
    I am truly making a difference in people's lives, really
    makes me feel that someone out there is happy that I am
    tutoring them. The motto I live by is, "Let's stop clock
    watching and forget we are running out of time" because
    when someone is able to pick up a book and say they are
    finally able to read, that is a skill they will hold onto
    for the rest of their life. It will not be forgotten.

    What exactly is The Barton Reading and Spelling Program?

    The Barton Reading and Spelling Program is a reading
    curriculum designed for people with dyslexia to learn how
    to read in an effective way, which will train their
    brains into using all three learning styles (visual,
    auditory, and through touch). Each lesson is designed to
    have a review from the previous lesson before moving onto
    the next lesson. Thus, triggering the brain to remember
    what the person had learned the lesson before. The
    greatest thing is... this program can work for ANYONE, so
    long as the person can speak English and can recognize
    the letters of the alphabet. It's great for foreigners
    who want to gain proper pronunciation of words through
    reading, rather than through memorization.

    The Barton Reading and Spelling Program uses a series of
    10 books, each focusing on a different main topic. For
    example, in the first level, the student learns the
    proper sounds of single letters without the actual
    letters. Before the student moves onto level 2 (vowels
    and consonants), the student must be able to pronounce
    each of those sounds correctly. Learning phonemic
    awareness is a crucial part of reading and spelling.
    Moving the student on too quickly may frustrate them in
    the long run because they may not remember those crucial
    sounds later on in tutoring. However, eventually, the
    student will learn some of the most difficult challenges
    with reading and spelling, such as silent letters and
    Greek and Latin roots.

    One of the hardships people face while receiving tutoring
    with The Barton Reading and Spelling Program is the time
    commitment. I don't like to advise people to have
    tutoring lessons with me unless they are willing to make
    the commitment of having sessions with me for at least 3-
    4 days per week because one or two days per week just
    isn't enough for the student if they want to remember
    everything and still succeed. The student and I always go
    at the student's pace. Some students finish in less than
    one year, while others take a bit longer. It all depends
    on how many days per week you are able to sacrifice.
    However, you must think positively about this time
    commitment because you or your child will be walking away
    with a skill they will be using for a lifetime. This
    isn't like a Karate class where a person may get a black
    belt and then no longer attend tournaments by the time
    they're 50. Reading and spelling will be something you
    will be doing until the day you no longer exist. It's
    worth it.

    If you are interested in receiving one-on-one tutoring,
    please do not hesitate to email or call me about pricing.
    Your time spent with me will be well worth all of your
    time and money. *Please note that this is a reading and
    spelling curriculum and NOT a grammar/essay writing
    curriculum. I only teach reading and spelling.*

    *First lesson is free, just to see if you're willing to
    make the 3-4 day per week commitment.*

    I look forward to hearing from you! Let's do it!

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