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    Jay/ Culver City, Los Angeles, CA

    Posted on 10/14/16
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    I am offering tutoring for students in any grade level academic area (K-12).
    I am currently a high school special education teacher and teach US
    Government, Algebra 1, and Geometry. I have experience working with a
    wide range of students of varying learning styles in both the General Ed
    and Special Ed populations. I have been working in both public and private
    schools for 8 years, and offer different teaching strategies to meet my
    students' unique learning needs.

    I have a calm and approachable demeanor that has allowed me to build a
    strong rapport with my students while providing instruction. If you are
    interested, please feel free to email and ask any questions.

    Tutoring sessions are $60/hr.

    All the best,


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