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    Gary M Brynenn/North Atlanta

    Posted on 11/17/16
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    My principle is Love First, then Teach.
    I am a professional European-educated music teacher, a
    proud Dad, and I love kids. Children are everything to
    me. They redeem us, for sure.
    What gets others tired, makes me happy. Just the way I am
    wired ;)
    I believe that we, grown-ups should be tutored by kids,
    not vice versa. That would benefit us dramatically and
    make us wiser and kinder.
    I love to work with young kids, ages from 3/4 to 7/8, it
    may vary, for every child is different, of course.
    We learn as we play. Math, reading, music, rhythm,
    writing, colors, shapes. We learn Russian for overall
    development. We even play mobile games to learn various
    things, as well as memorize useful information, such as
    geography, etc. We listen to music and ourselves. We
    learn to recognize styles and develop deeper souls
    through Art. We read books, listen, and imagine. We
    touch, analyze, and explore. We try and experiment. We
    practice Love, Kindness, and good manners.
    Children are an amazing source of inspiration, and I
    always learn from them much more than what I teach them.
    We can do it at libraries, coffee shops, suitable malls,
    cultural centers, or possibly your home, depending on my
    schedule and the load, which is usually intense. Areas
    are Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Suwanee.
    You're welcome to email me to talk details.
    Thank you.
    Love & Light.
    Gary MB

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