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    Bianca Woodruff Spring, Texas

    Posted on 11/19/16
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    I have been an ELA teacher for 26 years. I am currently a
    Dyslexia Specialist/Irlen. If your child is struggling
    with reading, I might be your answer. I am a Master
    G.T./Reading Teacher in Texas. You will find that I am
    easy going and that your child will learn to love
    reading. I make reading fun and the kids quickly respond
    to my teaching style. I also offer STAAR Reading
    tutoring! I charge 50.00 and hour and I tutor from my
    home. I teach during the day and I tutor in the evenings
    and on weekends. My schedule currently has 2 openings
    from 6:00-7:00 pm.
    If you suspect that your child may have Irlen, I can test
    him/her for 75.00 and provide you with the paperwork and
    overlays that are needed. This test takes 2 hours and is
    intense. I can also provide Dyslexia lessons if your
    child is Dyslexic. I use the Neuhaus program which is a
    2-year program. I am also able to teach your child math,
    science, social studies, writing and spelling. Please
    feel free to contact me with any questions.

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