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    Moran/Ann Arbor, MI

    Posted on 12/07/16
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    Specialized in Chinese. Organized, passionate, fun and

    Please consider the following highlights from my
    professional background:

    3 years of experience teaching at university level
    3 years of experience counseling students
    Both bachelor's and master's degree in foreign language
    teaching (Bejing Normal University, China and Warwick
    University, UK)
    A talent for working with a full range of students
    including students from diverse cultural and social
    backgrounds and of different ages

    Chinese is a difficult language. I believe a learner's
    success is related to not only my knowledge of Mandarin but
    more importantly my ability to communicate effectively and
    build a trusting relationship with the learner. I will
    empower my student(s) to feel more confident when speaking
    Chinese, since confidence plays a great part in the
    learning process.

    My comprehensive hands-on experience as a native Chinese
    tutor and formal training will help you succeed in learning
    the language and culture.

    I am generally available during evenings and weekends. I
    can do individual or group sessions. Payment negotiable.

    Please feel free to contact me at your earliest

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