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    Posted on 12/08/16
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    Graduate LPN student offering tutoring services and homework
    help with Fundamentals, Anatomy&Physiology, Med/Surgical,
    Maternity, Pediatrics, Psych, and Geriatrics.

    I currently have NYS LPN license and diploma with continued
    education training. I am experienced with home care,
    clinical nursing skills, and communication skills in the
    healthcare field.

    **Study tips, Note-taking, Outlining, and Techniques for
    memorization incorporated with every session.

    This is a great opportunity to get a grasp on your theory
    before every exam and prepare for your NCLEX-PN exam. Start
    now! Don't let stress take over and overwhelm you. Practice
    will always get you the knowledge you need.

    Individual and Online Sessions ($15/hr) - I meet at my local
    library in Bohemia/Islip area.
    Group Sessions (3 student limit) - $35 (Total for 3
    students) onsite

    $15 Cancellation Fee (Need 4 Hour Notice)
    Days/Hours Available - Monday 8AM-2PM ( 1 or 2 hour
    sessions) Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 10AM-6PM (1 or 2
    hour sessions) **(If sessions run late, its not a big deal.
    Don't stress about compensation.)**

    ***NCLEX REVIEW - Study strategies, content review and
    practice tests/review of your strengths and weaknesses.

    *******NOTE!!- If your school offers any group tutoring,
    review, or supplemental assistance, it is strongly
    recommended that you attend. The review I provide is to
    review your trouble areas and is to be used ALONG with the
    education from your school.*********

    Rates are as follows -
    $100 - Individual 5 Hour Session -
    Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday ONLY (Includes free supplemental
    review material, practice NCLEX questions, and online
    support via email for any questions you might have, all the
    way up until the day of your test. I'm offering this email
    support system because I was a practical nursing student
    like you and I still continue to pursue my own education as
    well. I have fine-tuned what I strongly believe is a major
    part of succeeding.

    Please respond with your name, phone number, address (for
    billing/receipt purposes), trouble areas you need addressed,
    and whether you are in need of any supplemental review such
    as Study Skills and Test Prep.

    Please call 631-285-3839 to schedule your first session.
    Leave a full detailed message. I will respond promptly via
    email as well.

    Thank you for reading and good luck!

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