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    Posted on 12/20/16
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    Hi there,
    All those years of tutoring experiences I have found out
    three type of student:
    1. Super smart already, but still want to get even
    smarter and be ahead of the game!
    2. Struggle a lot in class, spend all the time study
    but just couldn’t improve the grades!
    3. Non-engineering, non-math major students who just
    want to get pass the ONLINE or in-class Math, Physics,
    and Science courses! (especially business major people!
    And friends from the military).
    4. Fraud……yea, I got a lot of fraud messages and
    Okay! If you are one of the types above (expect type 4),
    and needed assistant on ANY math, science, and
    engineering courses. Please TEXT or CALL me at
    5857326129, and do note when I said ANY that means ALL
    the subjects.
    Last thing, I am Simon, from UT mechanical engineering
    department. I am smart, don’t you worry.

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