Post: Tutoring for K-12 reading and writing, SAT/ACT test prep

    Sam Goodman; Miami, FL

    Posted on 1/04/17
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    I am Director of Golden Ticket Admission's Global Test Preparation Program
    and I am passionate about helping students reach their higher education
    goals. I received my bachelorís degree in marketing and my masterís degree
    in international business from the University of Florida and will receive my
    law degree from the University of Miami in May of 2017. I also worked as a
    legal writing tutor at my law school. I am published in the Gallup Business
    Journal and the University of Miami Law Reviewís flagship journal.

    In addition to managing Golden Ticket's team of stellar test prep associates,
    I specialize in helping students excel in critical reading and writing skills
    fundamental to success on standardized tests. I work with students K-12 via
    Skype, Google Hangouts, FaceTime, and Google Documents. I am also
    available for in-person appointments in Downtown Miami, Coconut Grove,
    and Coral Gables.

    Golden Ticket Admissions

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