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    Daniel Darmawirya, Beaumount Hills

    Posted on 1/16/17
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    Hi, my name is Daniel Darmawirya and I'm currently going
    into my third year of university at University of New
    South Wales (UNSW) undertaking Bachelor of Electrical
    Engineering and Masters of Biomedical Engineering. I
    graduated from Girraween High School in 2014 with an ATAR
    of 93+. Subjects taken during HSC were Maths Extension 2,
    Advanced English, Chemistry, Physics and Engineering.

    Though I'll be offering mainly Maths from Year 7-12, I
    can assist in helping primary school students, other
    subjects that I have taken in high school or courses
    related to my degree though I'm not too confident about
    it. I have 3-4 years experience and want to help students
    learn in their own way.

    Payment depends on the level: $20/h for primary, $25/h
    for year 7-10, $30/h for year 11+. For 2 hours I'll give
    a discount of $5 (e.g. instead of $40 for primary, it'd
    be $35 instead).

    Location and time usually depends on where I am. At the
    moment since I'm on my break I can do anytime at a
    library preferably. I could do houses if there is a
    public transport system nearby. I would prefer just the
    Hills area, but the furthest I'd go to would be
    Parramatta. When uni begins again tho, I would like to
    apologize for my unavailabilities for the times.

    Sorry to those who have contacted me and I didn't reply
    or gave them a vague and I promise not to do that. Thank

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