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    Harsh Tarkar/North Melbourne

    Posted on 1/26/17
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    University of Melbourne Masters of mechanical engineering
    student up for tutoring students from grade 5-12th for
    Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics and under-graduate
    students in Mathematics.

    I have been tutoring for a year now, emphatically on
    Trigonometry and Grade 12 Calculus. I have also been a
    mentor for undergraduate first year students, helping
    them in mechanical engineering software learning.

    My qualifications include

    1. Secondary Grade Certificate (CGPA 10)

    2. Senior Secondary Grade Examination (89%)

    3. Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering (CGPA: 8.6)

    I am currently pursuing Masters in Mechanical Engineering
    at University of Melbourne.

    I do believe in working on basics when it comes to
    teaching, and have always personalised my teaching
    methods to make the learning process easier for the
    students. I am quite flexible with my timings, and ready
    to work weekends as well. I am quite easy-going and
    friendly as a person and teaching has always been a
    passion that i am keen on pursuing.

    Teaching spaces are important to me, and would prefer a
    more silent environment for a one on one interaction. I
    am up for travelling, studying in a library or taking
    lessons at my home too.

    Phone number : 0406415718

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